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AP Government


Instructor: Ms. McCoy

Updated 5/7/2019

Summer Assignment 2019-20 (Printable PDF)

Welcome to AP Government and Politics! This course is intended for qualified students who wish to complete government studies in secondary school equivalent to a one-semester college introductory course and economic studies course that fulfill high school graduation and college acceptance requirements. Please refer to the checklist of the specific assignments. Please note that all assignments are due the first few days of school. Also, there will be a test covering all the material from Unit 1-Fundamental Concepts during the first week.

If you have any question regarding the summer assignment or course in general, please email me at,

See you in the fall.

  • Ms. Kari McCoy
  • AP Government and Politics: U.S.
  • Beyer High School


______ Check Economics textbook out from bookroom

______ Read Chapters 1-3.

______ Reading Questions

On a separate sheet of paper answer the “Key Terms and Main Ideas” questions at the end of each chapter section. Rewrite the question in your answer to receive full credit.


_______ Be prepared to take an exam on chapters 1-3 (100pts) the within the first two days of school.

Note to students: Quizlet, Wikipedia and similar websites are not considered credible sources and should not be used to answer homework questions. In addition, all work submitted must be your own.

REMINDER! Please keep in mind the any student who plans on dropping AP Gov after the first day of school may not be allowed to do so due to availability of seats in CP classes. Therefore, students will be expected to participate fully in class (turning in homework, taking exams, quizzes, etc.) until they are officially dropped from the class. Students will not be able to make up any missed assignments because they “thought they were going to drop” and did/could not.