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Principal Dan Park
1717 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
Hours: 7 a.m.-4 p.m.

AP Computer Science

Instructor: Bill Flesher​

Summer Assignment; Updated 5/26/2017

Follow the link below to sign-up for a CodeHS account (if you already have a CodeHS account, then to switch classes, use the code 288C7).  You will be enrolling in our APCS Summer 2017 Course.  The CodeHS name for this course is “AP Computer Science in Java (Mocha)”.

You are to complete the first module of the course only: 

“Module 1 - Intro to Programming in Java with Karel the Dog”.
DO NOT go further into the course!

We will do the rest of the course together.

Another valuable skill programmers have is the ability to key in their programs fast. I want you to develop your keyboarding speed and accuracy this summer.   It will be a time-saver because when programming, you often must type in a lot of code.  I want you all to be at a minimum of 35 words per minute WITHOUT looking at the keys. Follow the link below to create an account at and join our typing class. Choose the areas that you need to work on the most. 

After you enroll in both courses, I will be able to monitor your progress. If you have any questions, then please e-mail me. I would also like you to send me your phone number. At times, I might text you or call, if necessary, during the summer or school year.

 I’m looking forward to a great year in AP Computer Science with you all!  Enjoy your summer break!


Mr. Flesher